Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Matua tims hacky sack lesson

First we watch a video on the whiteboard how to make a ninja hacky sack. Then Matua Tim demonstrated how to do it. Then Matua Tim got us into 3 or 2 pairs and my buddy was lesharn we made it with.

  • Scissors
  • Paper funnel
  • Rice
  • 6 between 2

  • Spoons/cups/balloons 
  • My experiment was amazing and awesome!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

barbecue at school

                             Barbecue at School

On wednesday we had a barbecue at school and Gina and me we both went for a swim in the school pool then after that we went on the ferris wheel and on the bounce castle and on the zorbs it was so hot that my mum bought me ice block and then we went back into the pool it was fun we did a handstands in the pool and we jumped off the edge of the pool then I went on the g max with my little brother and we played seesaw and we went on the ferris wheel.

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room 3 trip

Room 3 trip 

On wednesday we went on a trip to kai iwi beach and we went for a little play on the park then some. of us went for a swim in the lake it was cold then we went on the sand and we made a. sand castle and my mum and jaydee and me and we made a turtle. and little baby turtles on the back of it. then after that we went to base and reserve to have morning tea and we had sausages. then some of us went for a walk around then we came back. then we ran up and down the stairs and i rolled down the hill it was so fast that I got dizzy.     

Monday, April 11, 2016

the school sleepover

the school sleepover 

On the 9th of march we had a sleepover at school it was fun we waited until school finish then we put our beds into the classroom that we are going to sleep in then we watch a movie in their and we had a hunt we had to find the letters that are hiding we came 4th then after that we had an ice block then we went back into the room that we were sleeping in then we all watch a movie i went to go and play outside on the g max then i went to go and see my mum and my little brother and i got some lollies and chips and a drink and me and my friend we went for a swim in the pool    

Sunday, April 10, 2016

who am i

My favorite color is purple and my favorite food is apples my favorite book is gronmostillton my favorite animal is cats and dogs my favorite thing to do is playing with friendsImage result for fruitImage result for color